Have you heard? Bouclé has been having a moment. You might as well make it its own set of keys (to your heart or your home — doesn’t really matter), because we don’t think this bubbly beauty is going anywhere anytime soon. French for “curly,” bouclé refers to both a yarn made from looped fibers and the resulting fabric crafted from it. Characterized by its irregular coiled appearance and an incredibly soft hand-feel, it adds an element of modern sophistication to any space while keeping things warm and cozy. From design staples like sofas and accent chairs to soft accessories and clever storage solutions, read on to get inspired by our selection of bouclé furniture pieces.


With its striking curved design and oh-so-plush bouclé covering, the Kayra Sofa will instantly dial up your living room’s style meter. Its foam-filled fixed seat and back cushions provide a comfy sitting experience, while the tapered legs give it that mid-century modern vibe we all know and love. Pair it with pieces that feature natural wood grain and marble, like the Vena Side Table, to class up your evening snacks and cocktails even more. Just don’t forget the coasters. We are literally begging.

A Scandi-cool design after everybody’s heart, the Gabriola Lounge Chair is both visually and tactilely stimulating. Crafted from a solid wood frame and wrapped in a super-soft bouclé upholstery, this classic lounger feels just as good as it looks. The loose seat and tight back cushion team up to offer the support you need as you curl up with your book (or your phone). Hey, we’re not judging. It just depends on the day.

Gabriola Ivory Bouclé Lounge Chair



Planning on hosting a dinner worthy of a lavish cooking competition show? You’ll need some high-impact seating to match. Designed with sloped arms, a padded seat, and a curved back, the Josra Dining Chair will keep your hungry foodie guests comfortable through every course. Set a few up around a large centerpiece like the Seno Dining Table to create a restaurant-quality dining experience, or complement more subtle seating sets by placing one at each end of the table.

Does your ideal dining setup look more like a charming window nook? Gather a few Cilo Ottomans around a low, circular table to create a space so inviting you won’t want to eat, work, or exercise your crochet placemat-making skills anywhere else.

Cilo Ivory Bouclé Ottoman



A bouclé headboard fit for a Queen… bed. With its high paneled design and plush upholstery, the Noel Headboard gives off regal vibes. It’s so nice, you’ll want to hit the sack early just to stare at it before a night of shut-eye. Mounted right on the wall, this headboard exists to make a statement. Plus, the optional extension panels mean you can go for an even more dramatic look or upgrade to a bigger bed anytime.


A great way to bring depth and texture into your space is with soft accessories like cushions and blankets. Play around with cushions of varying sizes, shapes, and materials. Pairing the Gabriola Pillow Set with the Lanna Round Sheepskin Pillows, for example, creates a plush layered look. How old is too old for pillow forts? Just asking for a friend. When they’re not in use, you can keep your space free of clutter by tucking them into the handy Maribo Storage Ottoman.

Gabriola Dover Gray Bouclé Pillow Set



Does the idea of white bouclé furniture scare you? That’s fair. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: Bouclé fabric happens to have low liquid absorption, which actually makes it pretty easy to clean the average spill. Should an accident happen, just soak up any excess moisture, then spot clean with a mild solvent or detergent. See? Easy! (But we would still avoid drinking and vogueing to be safe.) For really heavy soiling, we do advise professional cleaning. Keeping your bouclé pieces out of prolonged direct sunlight is another way to keep them looking their best, and will help prevent discoloration and fading. Now that you can’t get bouclé out of your mind (sorry not sorry) and you’re pretty much ready to split a lease with it, it’s time to explore what it can do for your space. So, bring on the bouclé. It’s sure to be the cutest — and probably cleanest — roommate you’ll ever have.

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