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    Indonesian Master In Manufacture

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    Our Office

    We made it with passion

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    Using old wood can look more fancy!


Concrete Collection

Among all other furniture items that we manufacture, we also have top designs from GRC cement materials !

Garden Collection

besides making indoor products, we also make outdoor products, which of course are of good quality!

Living Room Collection

able to meet the need to fill a family room with various forms of goods as desired!

Tables Collection

Manufacturing craft tables for as long as we do means working with miscellaneous visual styles and types of materials…


Established in 1989 at Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia; Ir.H.Kusmin NR as the founder of Kusmin Antiek build this company. He is one of local talented men from Jepara with Begins to be carpenter as his background before.  Its very familiar for people in Jepara to know this company because this company is one of the biggest antique recycled furniture manufactory in Jepara....

Andre Saputra
Director of Kusmin Antiek